Bizarro Italian Cafe 1307 North 46th St.

I just moved to Seattle last year from Redondo Beach, California. First I lived over at a friend’s house in Magnolia, right next to Discovery Park. I liked it over there but it was a bit quiet. Now I rent an apartment with a view of Lake Union three blocks from The Troll and I love it. I’m thoroughly enjoying exploring the FreSto neighborhood between Fremont Ave and Stone Way. I’ve got the best of both worlds here. The cool artsy feeling of Fremont and the College atmosphere that spills over from Wallingford (maybe I should call this post FreWa?)…So far my favorites? The Bizzarro Cafe behind Archie MacPhee’s is the hands down winner. More about that place in my next post. Then there’s Tutta Bella Pizzeria, The Fremont Dock Pub on 34th and the Pacific Inn “The Pack-In”…For awesome sandwiches there’s Candles right on Bridge Way at Woodland Park Ave (1060 North 39th Street). Call your order in ahead to Candles (206)-547-5255 and they’ll make ’em to go so you can take them to GasWorks Park and have a picnic on the hill. On your way to the park stop by the Kite Store! For Barbecued Ribs, there’s RoRo.

More later, I’m out and about on this sunny Seattle Monday, I’ll see what else I can discover!