On Monday night I sat down for the  second time at the AWESOME Bizarro Italian Cafe “Purveyor of Surreal Dining since 1986 ” (1307 North 46th Street, Wallingford). If you don’t know where it is, go North on Stone Way from 34th street in Fremont , or south from Greenlake , travel about 6 blocks, until you get to 45th (Wallingford) and turn onto 46th directly behind Archie McPhees and the Blue Star Cafe.

I can walk here from my apartment in FreSto, the funky, fantastic neighborhood between Fremont Ave and Stone Way…Near the Troll if you are wondering. Best Neighborhood in Seattle as far as I am concerned.

The special at Bizarro this night was pear and gorgonzola ravioli and the soup a roasted carrot with fennel topped with a drizzle of blood orange cream. Of course, since it was Monday it was also Spaghetti and meatball night. Everyone around me (about 20 patrons) were sampling the specials. But I had just gone to the Bizarro website (www.BizarroItaliancafe.com) to see the Diners, Drive Ins and Dives episode so I was going for the linguni and clams!

Let me just tell you, that as a single  in Seattle I eat out alot and this is one of the most friendliest and comfortable places to have a delicious meal. The decor is off-beat  with Christmas lights, chandeliers, candelabras and tables hanging from the ceiling, the diners around you will chat and even offer suggestions if you’re in the mood.The wait staff are down to earth, beautiful and helpful, and won’t bug you if you just want to linger for a while before the busy 8’Oclock crowd comes in.  And the food! The food is fantastic. Down home comfort food if your down home was in Italy and you served Elk…Check it out…

So my meal was…Linguini and Clams with the pancetta cured in house and homemade pasta. Fantastic. Of course I sat next to the window, which is a roll away garage door, with views of the cherry trees blooming across the street. There was a small heater at my back  and Crosby, Stills and Nash for a sound track which made it extra comfy as I sampled the bread and olive oil and mixed green salad that came all included with the meal. As wine I had a very smooth Pinot Grigio and listened to the conversation all around me. For dessert? I have never tried anything except the Tiramisu. I’m stuck on this, the best Tiramisu I’ve had ever! So why try something else when the Bizarro version is perfection. Underneath the glass of my table someone had written a note on a slip of paper: And it read….

1) Arancini

2) Calamari

3) Vino

4) Clam Linguine

5) Chanterelles and Angel hair pasta

6) Conversation

7) Friendship

8) Contentment

9) Completeness

That…My friends, is Bizarro in a nutshell…Just go there…It’s the best!